Collect Data

Swarmnect was launched with the aim of improving driving and road safety, increasing driving comfort, optimizing transportation costs and fuel consumption/carbon emissions, and developing new generation transportation technologies with the collected data. 

How Does It Work?

The Overall system collects the road, vehicle and driving data from the vehicles through the dedicated integrated hardware and performs smart post-processing on collected data to provide valuable driving, environment, and infrastructure data along with raw video telematics. Meanwhile, the system provides ADAS alerts to the driver for increasing road safety. 


The collected data is stored anonymously by being matched with the forecast meteorological data according to the location and time in which the data is labeled, and classified under the headings such as road type (highway, rural, dense metropolitan, side street), weather, time of day, region where the data was collected, and traffic density. By using object data obtained as a result of image processing and vehicle kinematic data, warnings such as “early collision warning”, “pedestrian warning”, “lane follow warning”, “driver fatigue warning”, “speed limit exceeded warning” and signage recognition system outputs are displayed on the user interface is displayed on it.